New Website & Hiyokoi ch.7&8

Hello, everyone :)! So after being frustrated with blogger many times, I've finally launched a non-blog website. I think I'm a bit inept with blogs, so I think it'll be easier for me to handle :P. Anyways! here's the new site link:
(Please ignore the weird url...I'm working on getting a .net name or something real soon :P)


Your opinion on us scanlating Hiyokoi.

Hey, everyone. So, it seems like probably a few of you guys are upset about us continuing to scanlate Hiyokoi... and I fully understand why you guys are upset. If the circumstances had been different and I had known that it was going to be taken up after almost a year of no releases before I translated a few of the chapters, I wouldn't have picked it up in the first place. But because of the circumstances, I decided to continue with it. I'd really like to get everyone's opinion, though. So here's a small poll (feel free to voice your opinion in the comments as well):
What should we do about Hiyokoi?
Drop it; You could be doing other things.
Continue it; I like having 2 versions to choose from.
Just scanlate the recent chapters; Make use of your subcription to Ribon!

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Personally, my favourite option would be to release chapter 7&8 (because they're almost set for release) and then continue scanlating the most recent chapters from the magazine since I do have a subscription to it (I believe the latest chapter is chapter 16, so it is a bit far ahead though). Hiyokoi is such a cute series, I'd hate to drop it entirely ):

Also, for those of you still waiting for Tonari No Atashi, I believe there's still some technical issues so I haven't received ch. 8 just yet. But in the meantime I'll finish the last two chapters in the volume (ch. 11&12), and hopefully by then the technical issues will be solved and we'll be able to release the 5 chapter batch.

Anyways, have a wonderful evening/day!


Happy Valentine's Day :)!

Good evening&happy Valentine's, everyone :)! Unfortunately I can't bring everything I promised just quite yet, but for now some Hiyokoi:
Annnd a new series called "Nagareboshi Lens"! It's a new monthly serialization in Ribon, and I think it's looking pretty good so far, so please do check it out!
(Excuse the quality, out of all the chapters in the magazine, they used the most fady blue ink for it...and so I ended up using a bunch of filters (probably a bit too many :P) )

Also, chapters 16&17 of Koibana are being worked on, so hopefully you can expect it soon. 

And chapters 8&9&10 of Tonari no Atashi are done, but due to some technical difficulties I haven't received chapter 8 yet, but as soon as I do I'll release all 3 chapters (or even more, depending on when I receive the chapter).

I'm going to try and finish Hiyokoi chapter 7 tonight, and maybe chapter 8 tomorrow; so you can possibly be expecting those chapters very soon ;)

Anyways! I hope everyone has (or had, depending on your time zone) a wonderful Valentine's day~ See you guys again soon :)


~Quick Update~

Hello, everyone! Unfortunately I can't bring you a release today ): ... Things have been quite unexpectedly busy. But! I just wanted to let you guys know that we're going to be working hard this week to make sure to bring you a nice batch release on Valentine's day! If all goes as planned, we'll be bringing you a few chapters of Hiyokoi, Koibana! Koiseyo Hanabi, Tonari no Atashi, and some new things :). So please pardon us for not really releasing anything this past week and a bit, and look forward to our release on Valentine's~

Have an amazing day and see you next week :)!


Release: Houkago Love Age Story 2~!

Hi, everyone :)! It's kind of passing the one week mark since our last release, but please bear with us! I promise you all of us here at Eternal Heart are working hard. For now please enjoy this release of our joint project with Shoujo Crusade: Houkago Love Age~ You can go ahead and grab it here:

Be sure to thank the lovely group, Shoujo Crusade, too :)!

Have a great day, everyone! Please stay tuned for more releases soon~